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Healing & Hope International has been, and is working in various locations in Mexico, especially in the Baja, in conjunction with an outstanding organization from the U.S.A., Mexican Medical Ministries.


MMM has been active in Mexico since 1963, and holds the following memberships:

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Bringing healing and hope . . .

Healing & Hope International

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Thank you so much again for your interest & support over these past 17 years !


Healing & Hope International is a federal incorporation and all such federal charities were required to transition to the new Canada Not for Profit Corporation Act or to cease their operations. We regret to inform you due to the large expenses that would likely be incurred in the coming years due to such transitioning, the Board of Directors decided not to transition and therefore as an organization we have ceased all of its activities. However most of our missionaries have found other organizations to be affiliated with and we ask that you contact them directly for the specific details that relate to them and the ministries they continue to be involved in. Thank you for understanding this difficult situation.


...Thank you